Freedom Fighters provides the latest in Offender Monitoring thru the use of state-of-art GPS interactive, real-time devices. We specialize in active GPS Offender Tracking and Vehicle Ignition interlock Systems.
Products of Freedom Fighters!

The TrackerPAL II combines global positioning system (GPS) and radio frequency (RF) tracking technologies with power of voice communication all in a single-unit. Supervising officers can create restrictions based on time of day (curfew) or specific location (exclusion/inclusion zone). When an offender is in violation of any set restrictions, an agent at SecureAlert’s Offender Monitoring Center will immediately respond according to protocols set by the supervising officer.

* Single-unit device for added simplicity
* Active GPS tracking
* Two and three-way voice technology offers instant communication withe offenders and    officers to enable active violation intervention
* 20 hours plus battery life
* Waterproof
* Stores data when temporarily out of range - then automatically forwards information    when back in range
* Tamper-resistant with tamper sensors
* Set exclusion/inclusion boundaries
* 95-decibel siren

What is the Intoxalock? -- Download a Referral form >> HERE!

The Intoxalock® is a state-of-the-art breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) designed to minimize the opportunity of a driver operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

The Intoxalock® is generally mandated by state statute for all multiple DUI offenders to temporarily obtain their driving privileges. However, many people also recognize the benefit to installing an ignition interlock in their vehicle, or those of loved ones, to prevent a DUI or worse.

The device works by requiring a breath sample prior to starting a vehicle and periodically as the vehicle is being driven. If the breath sample provided contain an alcohol level below the acceptable threshold, the vehicle will be allowed to operate. Under no circumstances will the device shut the vehicle off when it is being driven.

The Intoxalock utilizes state-of-the-art fuel cell technology allowing for the highest level of accuracy and precision. It has been certified by an independent laboratory to meet or exceed all National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards.

Alcohol Monitoring
Alcohol Monitoring through SecureAlert, allows your agency to become proactive in enforcing restrictions while reinforcing your rehabilitation efforts. Available through its’ Midwest Monitoring and Court Programs divisions, SecureAlert offers a wide variety of products including on-demand electro-chemical breath alcohol testers (MEMS)

* Continuous or on demand (breath)
* Court accepted scientifically proven technology
* Flexible reporting